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Call Placement


– All calls are billed in whole minute increments. Partial minutes are rounded up to the next whole minute.

– All call placement charges, connection fees and surcharges apply per call.

– A per minute International Mobile Termination Surcharge (IMTS) may apply to calls to mobile phones in certain countries. Consult the list of International Mobile Termination Surcharges for the applicable charge for a call terminating to a mobile phone in the country you are calling.


International Rates    |    Call Placement   |    Mobile Termination Surcharge (IMTS)   |   Directory Assistance    
Outbound International Calling Per Call
Operator Dialed Surcharge $2.15
Mechanized LEC Card $4.50
Mexico $3.50
Station-to-Station $6.50
Mexico $4.25
Station-to-Station LEC Calling Card $6.50
Mexico $4.25
Station-to-Station Collect $9.00
Mexico $4.25
Person-to-Person $9.00
Mexico $5.75
Person-to-Person Collect $9.00
Mexico $5.75
Person-to-Person Third Party $9.00
Mexico $5.75