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You say it. TiVo finds it. You Watch it.

The TiVo Voice Remote dramatically improves your TV experience!

Push the blue microphone button and speak into the remote control. TiVo understands your command and does the rest, simultaneously searching across your live TV, recordings and streaming services to deliver personalized results based on what you watch and when you watch it.

In the mood for a comedy but can’t decide which one to watch?

Let TiVo help.“Show me comedies on tonight” and instantly see what’s playing. Now you can avoid time-consuming and clunky text entry searches.

Don’t feel like digging through endless pages of the Program Guide?

“Show me what’s on tonight” And TiVo will display shows and movies you might like to watch based on shows you’ve watched before.

vox remote

Trying to find something specific but can’t remember the name?

Tell TiVo to “Show me action movies” and then dig further by saying “Just the ones with Bruce Willis”. TiVo will get you to what you’re looking for faster!

Want to show your friends something cool?

Use your favorite movie quote! Say “Hasta la vista, baby” into your remote and watch as “Terminator 2” appears moments later.

Fast. Smart. Intuitive. TiVo’s Voice is the next best thing in TV. Here’s how it works…

Search by movie or show title, franchise, or genre.


Search by actor, director, or producer.


Add to your initial command to get more specific.


Launch your favorite app.


Change channels.


Instantly set up a OnePass.



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