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The New Experience from TiVo. Visually rich. Easy to use.

The best just got better.

TiVo's award winning on-screen user experience is now even more powerful and personalized. The New Experience from TiVo gets you to your favorite shows faster than ever before, while also learning what you like to make accurate and intuitive recommendations. Plus, when combined with the new TiVo Voice Remote with its built-in microphone, the New Experience lets you say what you're looking for and helps you find it, quickly and easily, so there's less searching and more watching.


With TiVo's New Experience, you can...

Get to your favorite shows with SmartBar's personalized predictions

See your go-to shows, right on your TiVo Home screen using TiVo's new SmartBar, automatically configured based on the time of day and day of week. TiVo helps the kids get to their favorite shows in the afternoon and the parents to their shows at night. The New Experience even remembers the last episodes you watched in a series and picks up right where you left off.


Browse the new What to Watch section where it's easier than ever to find something new

What to Watch lets you browse shows available to stream, watch live, bookmark, or record. Browse by category, such as action movies or college football, and in What to Watch, these categories' programs are ranked by what you've watched in the past.

Access QuickView, a revolutionary way to get more out of your TiVo experience without having to leave full-screen TV.

Click an arrow and subtle edge menus appear, showing what programs are playing on different tuners, what's on your favorite channels, your SmartBar predictions and a mini-guide that lets you browse the program guide one channel at a time – all without leaving full-screen TV.

QuickView: Tuners Panel

Shows you what is playing on other tuners

QuickView: Channels Panel

Brings up your favorite channels

Customize your home screen shortcuts, so you can get to your favorite channels and apps with just the push of a button.


Voice Control TV

Use the new Voice Remote that lets you speak naturally to control your TiVo DVR so you get to your favorites faster. Try saying "Show me action movies with Bruce Willis," "Comedies on right now" or your favorite movie quote like "Hasta la vista, baby."


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