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Information about your Blue Stream Fiber Services & Our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Now more than ever, having reliable service is important. Blue Stream Fiber is taking numerous steps to ensure you remain connected to your services.

As we continue to monitor the developing situation we want to provide you with answer to questions you may have about what Blue Stream Fiber is doing in these unprecedented times. For more information about how to protect you and your family, please visit the State of Florida Health Department at

During this time of in-home learning and remote working, Blue Stream Fiber understands how important it is to have reliable internet service.


Network Management & Reliability

Q: What is Blue Stream Fiber doing to ensure their network can handle the increase in traffic.

A: Our engineers are monitoring capacity, usage patterns and making necessaryadjustments 24/7 to ensure reliable connectivity. While we have experienced significant shifts in daytime usage, overall, we are keeping peaks within operating standards. With the massive restrictions requiring forcing the majority of our customers to stay home every night, activity and duration of activity has sharply increased. Our engineers are balancing bandwidth across our entire customer base on a real-time basis. However, in spite of good engineering and best efforts, it is possible you may experience some temporary reductions in speeds while adjustments are underway. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.

Customer Support

Q: What is the best way to reach you if I have a problem with my service?

A: Our representatives are available to assist you, and as always, our Tech Support team is available 24/7.

If you suspect you are experiencing slow internet speed or problems with your internet service, we ask that you first read the information provided below about how to optimize your home WiFi network. We believe educating yourself on common WiFi problems and making some changes in your home could prevent you from having to call us or having an in-home service call.

Please note if you do call that you may experience longer than normal wait times.

Q: How can I pay my bill?

A: Here are the ways you can pay your bill:

Online Bill Pay: We recommend paying your bill online. If you have not already set-up online bill pay, click here for further information:

Pay by Phone: Payments can be made by phone through our automated process. No processing fee will be charged for customers using the automated service. Representatives can process payments over the phone. However, a $5.00 processing fee will be applied. To avoid that fee, customers can sign-up for online bill pay or pay through the automated phone line.

Service Center: We kindly ask to prevent contact that you do not pay you bill in person. Please pay you bill by mail, online or by phone.

Q: Are service Centers Open?

A: Yes. We plan to remain open to provide essential support for our customers.

Q: Are you suspending late fees?

A: We ask that customers who are having difficulty paying their bill contact us to discuss their options. Blue Stream Fiber will be suspending Late and Soft Disconnect Fees for up to 60 days during the Coronavirus emergency.

Business Safety Plan

Q: What procedures are in place to protect your customers & employees?


As always, our technicians are ready to provide you with excellent installation experiences and in-home support. In addition to supporting your services we are taking the following precautions to ensure our collective health and well-being:

  • Requiring all technicians sanitize their hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or to wash their hands with soap and water both before and after every customer visit;
  • Verifying that all occupants of a home are not sick or exhibiting symptoms of the virus before entering the home;
  • Wearing nitrile or latex gloves to prevent hand contact with home or office surfaces; 
  • Wiping down and disinfecting our trucks’ interior surface and the tools; and 
  • Refraining from touching hands with customers and from sharing any pens or other items with customers.


 To protect our employees and neighbors, Blue Stream Fiber is taking the following measures: 

  • Cancelling non-essential business travel;
  • Utilizing technology for meetings and community town hall presentations; 
  • Ensuring that any employee exhibiting symptoms stay home until they are no longer symptomatic;
  • Creating work from home plans for employees;
  • Reinforcing good hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing; and
  • Asking customers who are feeling ill and have a service appointment to please contact us at 954-753-0100 to reschedule. 


During this ever-evolving situation, Blue Stream Fiber will do all that we can to provide excellent customer support. That said, if the virus causes too many members of our staff to become ill, there could be an impact to hold times or home service calls. While we do not anticipate this occurring, we want you to be aware of the potential for this. Should this occur we will do all that we can to return to normal quickly and we appreciate your patience in advance.

Understanding & Optimizing Your In-Home WiFi Network

Remember: Maximum speed is achieved when a device is hardwired with an Ethernet cable

  • Signal Strength is absolutely essential to the performance of your WiFi network.
  • Maximum speeds will be achieved while you are closest to your router.
  • WiFi signal is broadcast throughout your home with your router. It is important to understand that every device connected to your WiFi network uses up a piece of your bandwidth, thereby limiting the bandwidth available to other devices.
  • In addition, what each device is doing impacts overall network speed. Streaming video on devices like Fire TV Sticks, laptops, cell phones and tablets, and gaming systems utilizes more bandwidth than just basic browsing. This is why your internet may slow down when someone on your network starts streaming Hulu or Netflix. If you see such a slowdown, limiting the number of devices in use at the same time can improve overall performance.

Methods of optimizing your WiFi:

Boost Your Signal: Changing the physical location of your router & avoid physical barriers can help optimize your WiFi.

Make Note of Out-of-Date Hardware & Drivers: The type of hardware you use, its age, the operating system, the web browser you are using, the number of applications running on the device all affect upload and download speeds. If you perform a speed test, be sure the device is wired, and no other applications are running. Devices three years old or less perform best on your home WiFi network. You may experience a slowdown of your home network if older devices are connected and streaming concurrently.

What You Can Do:

  • The primary fix for optimizing your WiFi network is the placement of your WiFi router. Since the WiFi signal radiates out from your router’s antenna in a spherical direction, the best place to put it is the direct center of your house.
  • Even if positioning the router centrally isn’t an option, it’s important that the router isn’t on the floor, in a closet, in a corner, or directly next to any thick, solid barriers. Concrete, brick, and stone are all very difficult for WiFi signal to penetrate. Anywhere elevated like a desk or shelf should work well.
  • Try rebooting your router. Unplug the router from its power source for 60 seconds and then plug back in.
  • Pay attention to what devices are connected to your network and what they are doing. Managing devices that are simultaneously on your network and what they are doing while connected can improve performance.
  • Consult with a Blue Stream Fiber representative to see if your current Blue Stream Fiber Internet service is right for you home needs.