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Get help with frequently asked questions.


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    How do I contact Blue Stream Fiber?

    Visit our Contact Us page for more information to contact us via Phone, E-mail and In-Person.

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    Where are you located?

    Visit our Contact Us page for our office location & driving directions.

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    What are your hours?

    Visit our Contact Us page for more information on our office hours.

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    How long must I wait for the installer the day of the installation?

    Your time is valuable! That’s why we set up appointment windows.

  • 5

    What if I forget the date of my installation?

    Feel free to contact our office (954-753-0100) anytime you have a question.

  • 6

    If I miss the installer, what should I do?

    Call our office (954-753-0100) and we will reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.  

  • 7

    Are you still Advanced Cable?

    Blue Stream Fiber has new owners and a new management team, both with dozens of years of experience providing customers with great products and service. Blue Stream Fiber was formed using the former Advanced Cable Systems. As a new company we are focused on providing the latest products such as 1Gig Internet and TiVo to our customers along with enhanced customer support.

  • 8

    When did this change happen?

    The change occurred on February 7, 2017.

  • 9

    I was an Advanced Cable Customer; am I now a Blue Stream Fiber Customer?

    Yes, you will see changes to the name on the bill, but the good news is you do not need to change any of your auto-pay or bill pay settings.

  • 10

    Are you still local?

    Yes, we are proud to be a local company here in South Florida.  Our call center and technical center are still in Coral Springs and we continue to service customers in Coral Springs and Weston, FL.

  • 11

    How do I contact you?

    The phone numbers will stay the same.  If you need to contact us please call at 954-753-0100.

  • 12

    What changes can I expect?

    Some changes have already occurred.  Before we changed the name of the company we started to improve customer service by cutting customer wait times down to less than 1 minute on average, and by investing millions into the network to improve speed and reliability.  Going forward you will see changes like our logo, signage on trucks and on your bill. 

  • 13

    Is my bill going to change?

    The logo and company name on the bill will change.  Otherwise, you will not see any price changes due to the new name.  From time to time there will still be changes due to programming cost increases, but not due to the company name change.  Also, you do not need to change your auto-pay or bill-pay options those will still work and if you send a check you still send it to the same address.

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    What’s new?

    There are now new products like faster Internet speeds up to 1 Gig and TiVo.  If you are interested upgrading your existing service or order new service, please call us at 954-753-0100.

  • 15

    Do you offer 1 Gig Service for Business

    Yes, please contact our business services team at 954-753-0100.